• Mini Madison

    NZD 24.90

    Beautiful soy candle in glass jar. Suitable small gift for any occasion. 25 hour burn time.

  • Surf Diffuser

    NZD 44.90

    Refresh any room with the long lasting aroma of Elume surf reed diffusers. By using fibre sticks, the fragrance is absorbed and distributed most effectively without having to rotate the reeds. Recommended for small or medium sized rooms and last 3 to 4 months. 200 ml

  • Luxury Candles

    NZD 79.90

    An everyday indulgence that lifts the mood of a room whilst filling it delicately with fragrance. 400g. MARACA candles are composed of a blend of high quality fragrance oils and natural soy waxes for better fragrance throw and a truly decadent feel. The wicks used are cotton and waxed so that they remain upright when the candle melts during burning. Each candle is exclusively handcrafted and treated with the utmost care.


New Zealand Made

We are strong supporters of NZ made producers. Retreat began over 10 years ago and about 30% of candles sold in store and online are sourced from NZ manufacturers. They share our vision for equality products that are sold at a fair price.

Ethically Produced

Candle making at its best is an art form made by artisans. They have a passion for producing a quality product that burns cleanly and enhances the environment in which it is used. We seek out these producers and show case their products both in our store and online.

Refill your containers

Do not throw away your used candle containers! We will refill them for you, in the fragrance of your choice from our Retreat Range.

During Covid-19 level two the store will be open 7 days to allow drop off and pickups.

You will need to clean the jars and label them with your fragrance of choice. When ready for pick we will text and advise the cost. Payment can be made by bank transfer. 


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